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About Me

I am a theatre maker, multidisciplinary aerialist, and specialist in authentic jazz era dances. Since 2018, I have taken my bright eyes and big afro to teach internationally and tour with some of the UK’s leading aerial circus companies. Working predominantly in theatre with Hot Brown Honey, Extraordinary Bodies, Mimbre and Upswing in theatre and outdoor production, performing at festivals across the country and venue such as The Roundhouse and Wembley arena. 


I began creating my first show Second-Hand Child in 2019, a project integrating puppetry, storytelling and aerial to weave my personal experiences with my interest in exploring identity and history. In 2021, I received Arts Council Funding to further research the show and created a work-in-progress version as part of Sheffield Theatre’s Open Submissions programme. I have since begun work on Hot-Chocolate and other Thing of Comfort, and have been accepted as part of the Bank Directors program 2023 in Sheffield.   

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